There are four major types or categories of bookcases used in most professional office and home environments. Below these four major categories, are a numerous different bookcase styles that might fit your particular space requirements and be a striking piece of affordable decor for your home or office. Each type comes in a number of sizes, shapes and finishes, allowing you both the challenge and enjoyment, that you will locate a bookcase to match your particular design needs for your own work-space or other room.

The four main types of bookcases are:

1. Barrister Bookcases – A barrister bookcase is most suited to larger rooms, because they do take up a lot of floor space. Featuring glass doors these slide out of the frame to help protect your books. This type of bookcase also features large shelves, designed to accommodate tall items. This style of bookcase is most suited to persons who collect antique books as the books are kept protected inside the glass case.

2. Modular Bookcases – Modular bookcases are largely suitable for any type of room. They come in sets that can be stacked to build a tall bookcase that will help better utilize wall space, or they can be stretched out along or across a room to utilize floor space. They can even be broken-up, into smaller units, so each unit is a single bookcase. This versatility, allows them to be used as a bookcase as well as to help beautify a room. So these bookcases can be said to be multi-functional. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes from more traditional square types, to more contemporary triangles.


“I never feel lonely if I’ve got a book – they’re like old friends. Even if you’re not reading them over and over again, you know they are there. And they’re part of your history. They sort of tell a story about your journey through life.”

Emilia Fox


3. Leaning Bookcases – Leaning bookcases feature open backs, so they contrast with the wall behind adding visual interest. A leaning bookcase will usually feature an “A” type frame that tapers down. With their “A” frame, this type of bookcase is best used as a corner bookcase. They help to better utilize space and, since they are open backed, with a view of the wall they will also provide better aesthetics.

4. Shelf Bookcases – These are the the most common type of bookcase, from which the term “bookshelf” or “bookshelves” takes its name. As the name implies, these are basically shelves arranged to hold various sizes of books and these book shelves can be either closed or open backed. You will typically find this type of casing available as 2-shelf, 3-shelf and 4-shelf bookcases although a significant number of 5 and 6-shelf bookcases also can be found in book-loving offices, libraries and many homes.

A Versatile & Wise Home Investment

If you’re after a versatile piece of furniture, better utilization of space and somewhere to store your beloved books, a quality and functional bookcase is truly worth the investment.


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