Are you looking for Affordable Home Decor? Are you looking for home décor that lets you display your own particular nature, your own talents and your own specific tastes?

Perhaps you’re really looking forward to the experience, maybe you’re one of those people, who have a knack when it comes to home decor. Perhaps your are one of those people, can throw just about anything up on the walls of your home, and it looks great! The truth is though, a lot of people are not like that, at all, they find the entire process well…..bothersome!The good thing is, with so many affordable decor styles now available to to choose from, there must be something out there, to help make your home a unique unique and beautiful living space.

Let’s start, with taking a look any tired and old shabby chic décor you may have. It’s the type of décor people might say is “so charming and relaxing”, the type of decor perfect for the home of a true southern belle. This type of approach will nearly always produce a “romantic style” of shabby chic, lending itself to the relaxed, unpretentious personality.

So, now we know what we’re up against, to preserve the best of “shabby chic” but, to give it a touch of “today” something to balance the old with current! Answer….let’s get painting!

With shabby chic decor, you’ll quickly discover most the furniture and other pieces are worn looking, with a distressed finish. So, put a light coat of white paint on a few picture frames, an end table, or a rocking chair. Then sand lightly, just enough until the finish looks a little worn. You’ve just added a personal, affordable décor touch, to your unique style of home setting!

How do you feel about country style of decor? This is one of the most desired styles, especially in the south regions of the USA. People there are absolutely crazy about such classic regional images as roosters, sunflowers – pretty much anything with lots of warm colors to it. Country decor is all about the warm and welcoming feeling, especially when you step into the kitchen.

When decorating with affordable country decor, you’ll likely be sure to use lots of wood, as it really adds to the look you’re out to attain. Pine wood floors are particularly beautiful, with their ability to give you a glowing reflection of just about everything in the room. If you’re out to add your own special personal touch to country décor, consider perhaps a few crochet doilies or why not even build a country style wall shelf to hold some of your regional knick knacks. There are even more simple, quick and affordable ways to add your own touch to your home decor!

If something with a US western decor feel is calling you, this one’s easy to attain as well. Chances are, you love horses, cowboy inspired decor, horseshoes and everything western. In that case, how about a big “Texas star” on the wall, try some metal wall decor and candle-holders with western shapes, such as horses or horseshoes. A heart-warming campfire cowboy figurine setting on the coffee table or sideboard, along with some old western book favorites, this is affordable décor, with a true western theme.

One final thought with all home décor and one that sadly many overlook. Balance what you do inside, with one or two [sometimes even more] pieces outside. It really does take things to a fantastic new level, when done well. For example, with the “western” décor previously discussed, find an old wagon wheel, some old horseshoes, some cowboy friendly rope – and really use these things, to their full effect to help make something unique to add to your home decor! Use your imagination, but just don’t “over do it” remember, you’re adding touches to your home, not building a cheesy theme park!

There are truly so many other styles of home decor, too many for any single article to mention. But you likely get the points been and know what will work well in your own unique circumstances, because everyone has their own particular style, wants and needs. So use these few thoughts as a general guide in your own journey for balanced, thoughtful and affordable décor.


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