When it comes to selecting the best types of bed frames many people opt for metal frames over the wood ones. There’s often no specific reason for this, simply the decision they believe is right for them at the time. Those considering metal frames often believe the underlying support offered is superior. Regardless of whether you select metal or wood remember, the bed frame you choose is critical to providing the support you’ll enjoy or even worse, the support you’ll regret not having, when it comes to getting a good nights sleep.

One important factor to keep in mind, particularly with metal bed frames, is that they often sit on casters or wheels. Metal frame beds are often obtainable in four sizes, ie, Twin, Full, Queen, and King. Your bedroom size and layout will help you determine the most effective bed type and size for you. If you are after, for example, a king size metal frame bed, you would likely consider some additional central support for the bed. In many instances, king and queen metal frame beds typically have a metal strip providing such support in the middle of the frame. 

Don’t be surprised to learn however, the most interesting feature about a metal bed frame, isn’t that it’s particularly durable, it’s primarily the great value they offer for those considering them. A metal bed frame can offer a buyer really great value for money and help stretch your bedroom decor budget even further.

Keep in mind though, most metal frame beds can not be easily raised up, as they tend to be orientated toward one piece bed structures. At an same time, you’ll want to remember, it’s simple to dismantle a wooden bed. In terms of “easy moving” the metal frame bed isn’t terribly helpful. So, it’s important to take a little time and think-through beforehand just what you’re out to achieve and aim to get it right the first time. A few minutes thoughtful pre-planning, is a great way to avoid additional effort later.

If you want your bed to last for an extended period time, then there are few important points that you ought to keep in mind. #1) is trying before buying, or in this day of great bed frame deals online, take a moment to read some verified online reviews, to help ensure the bed is robust and durable and not a disappointment. A quality metal or wooden bed frame should prove to be durable, if you take a few moments to ensure the online merchant has a good sales record and offers after-sales support to any any queries you may have.

#2) Whilst perhaps tempting to have a carpenter make you a custom wood bed-frame, this will of course take time and will almost always involve a higher-cost point. Perhaps a smarter move might be to seek a quality, well respected pre-made frame, at the middle-to-upper price point range in the online bed-frame market. This will likely give you the right balance between i) ready availability, ii) price and iii) after sales support.

When it comes to buying the right types of bed frames, a contemporary designed bed frame will be a sensible choice. Such a bed frame will be readily available and well supported. If you wish to strike an attractive deal then you’ll be able to buy these through major online retailers, remember to be looking for verified reviews and after-sales support. If your budget is little tight, then metal frames would perhaps be a good course of action. Grab a piece of paper and take a couple of minutes to list out your various “pros and cons” of wood vs metal and make a considered opinion, based on your particular wants and needs.

So, in summary, keep initially an open mind, be prepared to explore the benefits and challenges of both wood bed frames and metal bed frames. Chances are both with have their particular points of appeal! Perhaps different types will be better suited to different rooms. Making a short list, in which you consider the merits of both, will likely help you make an informed and better decision and thereby obtain both value for money and greater piece of mind.

Types of Bed Frames


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